We know it is challenging to find a premier financial literacy program designed for younger students and aligned to core curriculum state standards.  

We believe teaching this critical life skill should engage and delight younger students.  

We recognize that not all teachers feel confident teaching this content.  

Now, educators have the opportunity to purchase iPiggiBank's turn key Money Management 4 Kids program. Our 6-10 week curriculum offers weekly 45 minute units on financial literacy and is designed for grades 1-6.  

The approximate fee ranges from $499.00-$5,000.00  * price range takes into account the number of participants in training session, travel and additional materials. 


iPiggiBank's Money Management 4 Kids curriculum offers hands-on lessons, terminology and concepts about responsibility, independence, teamwork, earning money, saving, sharing and shopping wisely.  The curriculum is aligned with Core Curriculum Standards in 21st Century Life & Careers, as well as math and language arts. Every unit incorporates different learning modalities --  art, writing, literacy and experiential play -- to teach all learners in the classroom.  All lesson plans include partner work, independent exploration, whole group participation, critical thinking skills and interactive dialogue with the lead educator.  Take home materials bridge class learning with home conversations. 


Our state certified teachers train your teachers on every unit, provide suggested teaching techniques and answer program questions.  Training is available onsite or virtually.


The curriculum includes supporting materials for your first class of students (max 24).   Every unit provides clear instruction on how to use the supporting materials to keep the curriculum engaging and interactive. 

Additional materials are available and come in a convenient, easy to store container, at cost.